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We Promise You The Deepest And Most Hygienic Carpet Cleaning Available In Basingstoke

It’s time to have your carpets cleaned and you have certainly came to the right place. I completely understand just how important it is to you to maintain a clean and healthy home and we are here to make sure that happens.

Carpet Manufacturers always recommend you have your carpets professionally deep cleaned at least once a year. This will generally double the lifespan of your carpets.  A carpet by nature is designed to hide dirt so even a generally clean looking carpet is hiding large amounts of dust mites, dirt and pollutants from the air.

So Now It’s Time To Have Hygienically Clean Carpets

Our carpet cleaning service only uses 100% environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. This means they are safe for you and your family and pets. But if you do have any particular concerns about the products we use, just ask and we’ll be happy to help. We have no less than four different methods of cleaning your carpets. This means your carpets will receive the exact method of cleaning they require rather than just the one method that most companies have.

Fantastic Results

We are very passionate about cleaning your carpets. We will restore a vibrant new look and feel to your carpets. Making sure they are hygienically clean and healthy and brought back to the best possible condition they can be.


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Here’s Why Hundreds Of Your Neighbours In Basingstoke Love Our Carpet Cleaning Service


Your Carpets Dry Extremely Fast

Using state of the art equipment means your carpets dry in hours and not days


100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We promise we do not stop until you are completely happy and your carpet has been cleaned to perfection


It's Always Service With A Smile

We are passionate about cleaning carpets so it’s always done with a smile


We Move Furniture

Where it’s possible we will move furniture so that all of your carpet is cleaned

Look At The Sensational Difference We Made To These Carpets

Here’s What A Couple Of Customers Here In Basingstoke Had To Say About Our Service

A fantastic experience. A massive red wine stain on a cream carpet is now gone. Highly Recommended.

Marion Vanzetta

We had our carpets cleaned by Dan and Lisa. A  professional service we would be happy to recommend to anyone.

Lyn Harrowell

If You Want The Most Hygienic And Deepest Carpet Cleaning In Basingstoke

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